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Updated: March 6, 2015

About The Hartford Citizen

Hartford’s Big Picture
City Projects Increased Budget Deficits
Leverage in the City
Actually, That’s a Budget Conversation
Hartford Can’t Borrow Its Way to a Balanced Budget

Three Phases: A Restructuring Framework
Interactive Hartford

Facts About Hartford
Hartford’s Funding Souces
Hartford’s Spending by Category
Population Changes in Hartford
Distribution of Motor Vehicle Taxes
Distribution of Residential Real Estate Taxes
Payment in Lieu of Taxes in Hartford

Committee and Task Force Recommendations
2009-2010 Budget Task Force Recommendations
2013-2014 Tax Task Force Recommendations
2013-2014 Healthcare, OPEB, and Pension Benefits Task Force Recommendations
2013-2014 Benefits Task Force: Defined Benefit vs Defined Contribution

Assorted News and Topics
Hartford Creates Committee on Restructuring City Government
First Restructuring Committee Meeting

General Resources & Commentary
Message Board Jujitsu
Every Analysis Needs a Base Case

City of Hartford: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

One thought on “Table of Contents”

  1. Thank you for your voters’ guide for the 2015 Hartford city elections. I have consulted websites for the city Town Clerk and the state Secretary of the State and had found nothing like sample ballots for the city races though it is less than 2 weeks before the election. Your site had the first complete list I could find anywhere. Thank you for posting your list as a service to Hartford’ s citizens.

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