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Interactive Hartford

What if all of Hartford became an interactive museum?

Suppose you could walk through the City and see historical photos from exactly where you’re standing. Or learn the story behind a prominent landmark as you’re looking at it. Or experience an event from years ago where it happened.

Suppose all this was available for free via your phone or tablet.

Technology has the power to create new and unique experiences. This proposal is a basic version of augmented reality, adding layers of information on top of what is experienced in real life.

The implementation could be relatively simple. Once a mapping platform is selected, a variety of content could be linked to locations on the map.

Start with photos, like those published regularly in the the Old Hartford Facebook group, allowing pedestrians to walk the City and compare now and then in real time. Partner with local institutions, and other content owners, to identify additional historical items.

This isn’t a new idea for Hartford. A couple years ago a small group of volunteers created an audio tour of sites in and around Bushnell Park. It continues to be available as downloads on the iTunes Store or directly on the internet. Link these resources into Interactive Hartford too.

I throw this out as a business idea for others to consider, as I’m not tech savvy enough to make it happen on my own.

Maybe it’s a proprietary app that allows users to be notified when they pass a site, or when new points of interest are added near them. Or maybe it’s a layer on someone else’s mapping platform … I don’t know. I would be more helpful with product usability and business planning than technical design and development.

Give it some thought Hartford creatives. I’m happy to talk it through, and would love to be involved at some level if anyone wants to give it a go.

Interactive Hartford would enhance the experience of visitors to the City. If done well, Hartford could serve as the pilot site, and the technology could evolve into a business serving other cities too.